The popularity of shapewear in recent years has grown into a mainstream phenomenon. A lot of people are now exploring this side of clothing and fashion. The branches that have come out of shapewear in the last few years is surprisingly vast. A clothing item that was initially used for hiding fat bulges is not a fully expanded fashion item. At the moment, the market for sexy clothing like lingerie and other fashion clothing areas are seeing major domination of shapewear. Choose any type of dress and will easily be able to find some kind of shapewear to match it.

Seeing such a vast influence does make you want to explore this lucrative market further. More specifically, it makes you want to go to the roots of this revolutionary product. Speaking of roots, a lot of people think of sexy shapewear as a modern invention. However, the truth could not be further from the truth. What has evolved into a full-blown fashion niche has had a very interesting history. So, let us dive right into that, before we talk about its uses, different types and why we use them.

History of Shapewear

Shapewear is an industry that found its roots not decades, not centuries, but millennia ago! The oldest evidence found of women using shapewear is from ancient Greece! However, given how closely related modern-day shapewear is to the ancient one in function, you would be surprised too how different they are in practice. With the use of spandex and nylon in today’s sexy shapewear, it is quite hard to imagine wearing shapewear that incorporated things like lead and whale bones in them. Also, lead was not the only metal to be found and it was, in fact, the rarer of elements to be used in shapewear. A lot of shapewear involved the use of normal metals like iron to provide their function.

There are a lot of different eras too that came and went with time, each one providing its own take on what shapewear was meant to be like. We are sharing bits of history from different eras as they progressed, telling you what each of them came up with for women.


The first to ever wear shapewear, Greek women wore what could be classified as girdles. These were made from wool, leather, or firm linen. The purpose of these was to clinch the waist as much as possible while pushing the breasts up and outward.


Women in Ancient Rome were also following a similar trend, with corsets being the shapewear of choice. However, unlike Greek women, their fashion was a lot more innovative and mature, which led to these corsets being worn outside. There were embroidery and studs on corsets to make them look attractive. When used on top of the classy robes that roman women wore, they enhanced the beauty a lot more.

Elizabethan era

It was around the 16th century that steel found its way into corsets. Women during the rule of Queen Victoria would wear corsets that had steel inside them. Unlike the curvy looks that Greeks and Romans wanted, people in the Elizabethan era wanted flat upper bodies, clinched waists, and a lot fuller bottom areas. This is also where those typical dresses referred to as farthingales came from which had tight tops and round, well-spread bottoms. The most remarkable of these outfits were from the Queen’s own collection of dresses, each designed in the same way. These outfits are what gave this time its name as well.

Victorian Era

As you may have already guessed, we are talking about the period when Queen Victoria was ruling England. This was the first time someone had actually thought of the hourglass figure and tried to incorporate it in their dresses. Corsets were the tool of choice for attaining that hourglass look. Several different materials were used to create them which included several other types of metal as well. they would squeeze their waist so much that it would be noticeably smaller, creating that perfect looking hourglass.

20th century

Up until this point, the level of consciousness among women regarding body shape was huge. However, things took a big turn after this point, as we entered the 20th century. The desire to have an hourglass-shaped body disappeared completely and women started showing a lot more interest in being thin. Camisoles and teddies were the biggest trends those days and people would call those outfits flappers. The shapewear of this time was also quite functional, and for the first time, elastic too. This was to adjust to the needs of the world war period.

Post-war shapewear boom

After the war ended, a lot of things changed in the shapewear industry. The fashion of wearing them boomed and we saw things like patterned bras, bullet bras, and padded bras make their entry. Whalebone corsets and new fabrics like polyester and nylon also came along in this time. The trends stayed the same for a long time after that, with the only major change being in the shape of different outfits.

Modern Day Shapewear

The shapewear that women wear today is completely different from what we saw in different historical eras. The things we see today are a lot more comfortable, flexible, and made of materials that can take the pressure without making you feel suffocated. New materials are also in use now like spandex, nylon, lycra and so much more.

The results that modern sexy shapewear is showing for women is so big that a lot of celebrities are also using them for different events and purposes. So much so, that a lot of them swear by the effectiveness of shapewear and are endorsing their use heavily!

Shapewear for Men?

People have always considered sexy shapewear to be something associated with women’s bodies only. However, that is not true anymore, especially with shapewear available for men. There are still a lot of people who might be surprised to learn that men also have shapewear for them. However, what will really knock their socks off is when they find out how long they have been into that stuff. As per the records, there are corsets that men used to wear in the 18th century. In fact, even children have had shapewear during that time, even though that does not sound entirely necessary.

Regardless, the industry has developed over the years and today, the market for men’s shapewear is just as active as that for women. People are buying all kinds of products to provide the same service for men. The level of consciousness for creating a maintained personal look has become quite the phenomenon in men as well. Therefore, it is only natural to see that level of interest in shapewear from men.

Why Use Shapewear?

When it comes to sexy shapewear, the very first thing that anyone wants to know before trying it is the benefits. For those who have already had exposure to the shapewear industry, they are probably aware of at least one benefit. That benefit is also the image that comes to your mind when you hear the word shapewear. What you think of is lingerie that you wear for making your body look slim. Yes, you are right, and that is one of the benefits of shapewear, but it is only one part. There are other benefits to using shapewear as well.

One of the biggest benefits of wearing shapewear underneath your clothing is comfort. Good sexy shapewear would make you feel comfortable in the area it is covering. You will also be able to avoid problems like chafing and rubbing like you would if you were just wearing a dress. And as far as visible outlook is concerned, bodysuits and other shapewear are also able to hide elements that you wouldn’t want to expose like bra straps or the lining of your knickers.

One last benefit that is linked to the first one, but is also super important, is confidence. Wearing a hidden suit that hides under your dress but manages to make you look flawless gives you a boost of confidence. You can feel comfortable internally too and being a woman, that is more valuable than actual gold in your hands.

That self-conscious feeling is not foreign to men either. Having a solution to make yourself feel like you are the king of the hill is priceless. With shapewear, men can also step out with confidence and feel good about themselves, enjoying the adoring eyes of the people around them. Who says it doesn’t feel good to be loved?

How to Buy Shapewear?

When it comes to purchasing sexy shapewear for yourself, there are some rules that you need to set for yourself. These are important to make sure that you don’t end up buying something that would hurt you later or basically be a waste of money. We are sharing these things here so you can keep them in mind when making your next shapewear UK purchase.

1. Choose the Right Size

A big problem that occurs when you go to buy lingerie is size. A lot of people think that they can simply buy a small size and then fit into it somehow. In fact, they believe that going a size smaller would allow them a “firmer” grip on their bulging areas. The reality, however, is quite different from that. Wearing a smaller size squeezes more on your bulges and spreads them around in a weird way. This actually ends up making you look even bigger because of uneven bulges.

Buying the right size would allow the shapewear to cover your body seamlessly and create a uniform compression. You should feel comfortable in the shapewear that you buy for yourself. Simply following this advice could help find your exact size with ease.

2. Choose the Right Constriction

Depending on whether you want to create a smooth look or compress the area completely, you can choose the constriction level. For smoothness, you can easily make do with a medium constriction. For total transformation, a high constriction level is best.

Do keep in mind that the higher constriction will be tighter and will limit your movement too. As far as finding the constriction level is concerned, you can easily see it on the label. If it is not given, simply look for the percentage of nylon in the shapewear. If it has high nylon content, it will be highly constricted. If it is lower, it will be more flexible.

3. Figure out the right shapewear

To buy the right kind of shapewear UK, you need to know what your target areas are. If you want to work on your torso, high waist shapewear tights would work great for you. If you want to work on your torso, your belly, and your thighs, a full bodysuit would be the way to go. Similarly, if you are trying to target any other area, you will be able to find the right shapewear for yourself.

In the next section, we will be sharing the common types of shapewear and how each of them works. So keep reading and you might figure out right now what you should shop for.

Shapewear Types and Their Purpose

There are a lot of different types of shapewear UK that you can find in the market. Each of them has its own specific area that it impacts. As far as the manufacturing is concerned, you can find most of the shapewear UK to be made from spandex and lycra with the addition of nylon. For a more breathable feeling, some also come with cotton in the mix, making it more ventilated. Let us see what the different types of shapewear are and how they come into use.

1. Shaping Briefs

These are essentially like normal briefs but a little higher than normal. The purpose of these is to tuck in your belly and create a streamlined look. They are most commonly made from breathable materials due to their location and the requirement to feel fresh. If you are wearing briefs, you would probably want to wear them throughout the day. Such a scenario would require airflow to make sure you don’t end up sweating like crazing in your private area.

As far as applications are concerned, these briefs can go under any dress that you want. Being close to the middle means you have a lot of options. Whether it is formal suits, jeans, or even skirts. You can go out wearing them with confidence as they will push your belly in while making you feel comfortable and well-toned.

2. Control Thongs

These are essentially the same type of briefs but with a thong-style cutout. If you are wearing smaller skirts or short shorts, these are an absolute must for you. Wearing briefs in such a situation would risk exposure of your underwear and that is something we simply do not want to see happen. In such a case, control thongs provide great support. Not only do they not show under your clothing they retain their main function as well and keep your belly compressed throughout the day

One fair warning is regarding the feeling that it gives. If you have never worn any thongs before then this might feel a bit weird. However, after wearing them a few times, you can get used to them quite easily. And when you do, a toned and beautifully curved body will be waiting for you.

3. Shaping Shorts

Shapewear shorts is sort of an extended version of shaping briefs, shaping shorts are particularly popular with men. These can work on a larger area, starting from your belly and going down to the thighs. A big benefit of these shorts to men is protection from rubbing between the legs. During hot weather, chaffing can be a serious problem and this provides good protection against that.

As for women, it carries all the same benefits and also helps in cases where they do not like the G-string effect that shaping thongs can have. You can wear these under your pants, trousers, jeans and even long skirts.

4. Shaping Leggings

Another universal product, the shaping leggings are a great way to tone everything under the belly. These cover you all the way from your belly till your ankles. This can tone your stomach, your butt, your thighs, and your legs as well. it is a great all-in-one option for the lower half of the body.

A big advantage of these is that you can wear them directly as well, or at least the ladies can. Underneath any pair of trousers, it would work like a charm. And for the ladies, they can simply wear it as a normal legging under any skirt. It is also a comfortable option to go for under denim.

5. Waist Shaper

As simple as it sounds, this one is essentially a belt that you wear around your waist. You can fasten it with cinches to make it tight and achieve your goal of looking toned and well under control. Being in the middle, you can add some sexy undergarments or lingerie to it for the ultimate effect. Another great benefit that you can get from wearing this is back support. Who would have thought that a garment intended for fashion could end up providing medical relief to your body as well?

Waist shapers can be used in many different settings. You can use it simply to put your waist under control and achieve that hourglass look, or you could use it as part of your waist training program in your gym. Some people go a step further as well and keep it on even at night to make the effect somewhat permanent.

6. Shaping Top

This particular shapewear UK is very good for controlling your chest and your tummy at the same time. While it does provide support for your tummy, it also pushes down on your chest and shoulder areas to create an even look. In addition to that, the tight grip also provides excellent support to your breasts and your back.

As far as wearing it is concerned, you can do it all the time if you want. However, it could be somewhat restricted so try to wear in situations where you may not be moving a lot like in the office or in friendly gatherings. Workouts and outdoor movements can feel somewhat restricted.

7. Shaping Vest

This thing looks and feels exactly like a vest, but only a bit tighter. It covers your shoulders, your chest, your belly, and your back and keeps them in shape effectively. The sleeveless design does allow for the freedom of movement in your arms. However, that does mean that you are unable to shape your arms while you wear this thing. With this vest, there is an option to go braless the material is thick enough to support most women in this area. Of course, the preference is entirely personal, and you can wear it if you want.

These things go perfectly underneath shirts, flowing skirts, and even loose clothing like t-shirts and cardigans. Some vests are designed in a way that you don’t need to wear anything on top of them.

8. Full Bodysuit

For the ultimate all in one shapewear, this is the most appropriate choice for you. A bodysuit covers all of your main areas like your chest, your belly, your waist, your thighs, and even your legs. This is what you get when you don’t want to buy a separate thing for each part of your body. After all, having an article of clothing streamlined from top to bottom is expected to give a much better result than wearing multiple pieces.

As far as usage is concerned, you can wear it under suits, dresses, and other full-body covering options. If you have a deeper neck on your dress, there are options with deeper cuts to accommodate those looks as well.

How to Choose the Best Shapewear For Your Body

Shapewear is currently one of the most controversial topics in fashion. A lot of people simply love it and swear by its effectiveness. While others think of it as a waste of time and money. While we may side with the former, the latter is just as valid, but not because of what people think. There is a lot of misconception surrounding the best shapewear UK and clearing that up is important to establish a good rapport. To do that, we thought that the best way is to give a proper step by step guidance on how one should choose good shapewear. Finding the best shapewear for your body is not that big of a problem. If you know what you are looking for then you will be just fine.

This article will provide you with every essential detail involved in the selection process behind bodysuits. There are a lot of crucial steps that a lot of women simply ignore when buying a bodysuit. The result is a suit that makes you feel weird and you end up developing a hatred for it. So, let us dive right in and see how you can improve your shapewear situation.

Understanding the Problem

So why is it that instead of adoring this wonderful clothing item, people end calling it a torture device? Why do these people feel like their insides are probably going to explode from all the pressure that is building up? Why is it that all these people do all day is either roll up or roll down their shapewear instead of leaving it be? What causes them to lose control and just get extremely frustrated by a product that is supposed to be helping them out?

The simple answer to that question is the wrong shapewear! You have simply been wearing something that belongs to a completely different body shape. You might expect some kind of epiphany at this point to create an effect when the reality is exactly the way we just described it. Therefore, to help you out, we will be providing all the information you could possibly need to make sure you get the best shapewear UK that is truly meant for you.

Choose Your Reason

When buying any type of best shapewear, you need to determine what your end goal is. This question will determine every next step and decision you will take which will eventually lead you to your final choice. That, in turn, will make sure that the shapewear you choose has all the properties to fulfill your requirements. That too while being comfortable to wear and not a pain in the butt, literally, in some cases. To give you an idea, take a look at the three cases described below and try to think about which category you fall into.

The point that we are really trying to make here is that you should go for an option that suits your needs and does not make you feel like a sausage. Not only should you look absolutely stunning in your suit, but you should also be able to move around freely in it.

Figure out Your Target Area

Thanks to the incredible development in the field of shapewear, you can find all kinds of options. This means you have to pinpoint the type of product that does the job for you the best. You could say it is quite a bit like what real estate works like. The location is everything! Of course, that may be true, but most people don’t care about it enough to want to be covered in a suit that covers you from head to foot. For you and many others, the problem usually lies within 1 or 2 areas, so you have to pinpoint those and then come up with the right solution for yourself.

There are a few main configurations that best shapewear makers typically use to define different types of wearables. These should help you identify what kind of best shapewear UK you may be looking for to address your specific needs.

Defining Your Body Type

Human beings are all unique. That means every one of us is different from each other. However, that difference is only visible when we are looking at small details. When you broaden your view a little, you start to see similarities. It is these similarities that allow us to group people into different categories. One of the ways that have helped the best shapewear industry create the perfect outfit for everyone is by looking at different body types. As it happens, people can generally be grouped according to the shape of their bodies. We will define each of these shapes and you can easily figure out what category you fall into. We will also define the key areas where one may need to use shapewear to maintain a good look.

  1. Apple Body: if your chest is large enough, your midsection looks full, and your shoulders are narrow, you have an apple-shaped body. People with this type of body shape typically have some extra pounds on their belly. Clothing options are usually made difficult because of your belly. You also don’t feel like your clothes fit you perfectly from every side. All that must be causing you a lot of problems in finding the perfect fitting for your body. Thankfully, you can choose many best tummy control shapewear options to help the situation. High-waisted capri leggings, high-waisted shaper panties, and full bodysuits should help you a lot in remedying the situation.
  2. Rectangle Body: Your chest is not really big, your torso looks like it is completely straight, and your hips and legs are also quite slim. If that is the case, you probably have a rectangular body shape. Interestingly enough, you should not have trouble finding clothes at least since this body type is common among models too. However, there is a feeling of not being “feminine” enough or feeling “flat”. This is quite common among people with this body shape and with shapewear you can solve it for sure. You can remedy this situation with the help of butt lifter shapewear. This enhances your bottom area by protruding it while bringing more definition to your body.
  3. Hourglass Body: You have to be really lucky to have an hourglass body. This means your shoulders and hips have the same width whereas the waist has an inward contour. A lot of women want to have this body type and even use shapewear to achieve it. For you, however, the problem can be different. Typically, there can be bulges in some parts of your body that can completely change your perfect looking ratios. That could be a huge bummer for women who should be the most confident about their physique. Alas, the solution is also here, thanks to shapewear! You can easily fix the problem with products like high-waist briefs, shaper camisoles, and also high-waisted shaper shorts.
  4. Pear Body: This is another body shape that is highly coveted among women for creating a naturally gorgeous proportion. You have a relatively small chest, your shoulders are also slim, the waist is also small but well defined, and your thighs/hips are fuller with an overall round-shaped bottom. If you remember the famous Sir-Mix-A-Lot song “Baby Got Back”, it is about pear-shaped bodies! However, the “round” bottom can be a difficult to keep gorgeous instead of having it look like a big melon! However, with the right shapewear, your love-hate relationship can finally throw away the hate and start loving yourself. You can use several different types of shapewear like shaping leggings, shaper shorts, and high-waisted thigh slimmers to make sure your body stays within the right proportions.
  5. Strawberry Body: For strawberry-shaped women, the definition is a large bust, proportionately wide shoulders, a small back, and narrow looking hips. While it can get a lot of attention, you may still be feeling a bit down. Why? Because you feel like everything is happening on top and it is throwing you out of proportion with the rest of your body. So, while you may be sulking, we have great news for you. There is shapewear specifically for strawberry bodies that you can use to remedy your bad mood. Products like shaping bodysuits and braless shaping camisoles are a great way of bringing your body into the right proportion.

Some women may find themselves transitioning between different body types and feel confused. But fear not ladies! You can easily solve the problem by finding similarities with these body types and see where you fit the most. Accordingly, having the best shapewear for dresses option would actually help you more since you can fit in more than one category of shapewear. And finally, to ease your confusion, all you need to do is go and try them out. You should definitely be able to define the product range that fits you the best!

How to Choose the Right Shapewear for YOU?

With all the generic talk, you must be wanting some personal love now, right? Well, we’ve got plenty of that for you too! While you may have developed some idea on how to figure out the right style of shapewear, you are still one big step away from your final decision. Before you purchase any suit, you have to make sure it is according to the many requirements it must meet as a clothing item.

Several different factors come into play and you simply cannot ignore any of them if you want to enjoy what you end up wearing. We are providing some of the most crucial factors that you must consider when buying any type of shapewear for yourself.

  1. Size: Nothing will be more important to you than this one factor. Shapewear may be somewhat flexible, but it is definitely not a one size fits all affair. Some people think that they can simply get a small size without even considering what it would do to them. Sure, that may be the correct size for a lot of women, but not for all women! Some people ask, isn’t the whole point of shapewear to put pressure on your body fat?

While you are right about that, you have to consider some limits as well. it is not just about introducing pressure blindly. You have to make sure that you are wearing something that makes your body look well-toned instead of making you feel like you are in a death machine. Whenever you go to buy shapewear, make it your number one priority to only buy your own size. Your perfect size should fit you snugly but without making you feel like you can’t breathe.

  1. Fabric Type and Quality: You may be thinking, why does fabric matter for something that you are not even going to show anyone? While you may be right honey, but it is not as simple as that. Shapewear is a clothing item that has to be flexible yet firm. The two materials that provide these qualities are spandex and nylon. Being manufactured raw materials, they are not porous and have no breathability. What that means is during hot days, especially summers, you will find yourself sweating, quite profusely in some cases. That does not sound like a very attractive solution to your body’s bulges.

Therefore, having an alternative material can be a blessing, and thankfully, you are certainly blessed! While most shapewear comes in spandex and nylon options, you can also find some with a mix of cotton. The best thing about cotton is its breathability and you need that to feel at ease. Let the airflow through so you can have a good day while rocking a perfect looking body!

  1. Opening for Bathroom Use: Having a tight suit around your body and wanting to go to the bathroom sounds scary when put together. That is exactly the situation you will find yourself in when wearing most types of shapewear. So, is it still a good idea to use shapewear, given that you may be in danger of bursting without a way out? The answer is yes, most definitely! But only as long as you buy the best shapewear.

Cheap shapewear may be a tightly woven suit that could trap you in such a situation. However, you should always look for options that have openings to facilitate such situations.

  1. Wearing Comfort: You would be surprised by how often people end up ignoring this crucial factor when buying shapewear. Why bother buying best shapewear when you won’t even be able to wear it and just end up tossing it? Shapewear may have some standard properties but there are still a lot of options in each category. You can find some great customizations from manufacturers which could make one design of shapewear better than the other. Always look for something that both looks and feels comfortable.

You are going to be wearing that suit under your clothes all day so perhaps the best place to start is compatibility. Make sure that the suit you buy is good for wearing under the clothes you have. You cannot expect to wear a full bodysuit if you are going to be wearing shorts over it. Similarly, fitting can also be an issue as you should have a good fit while being able to move freely. Flexibility also matters a lot and can be a major deciding factor. For events where you may be required to move around a lot, having something with limited mobility can put you down easily.

  1. Flexibility: You may find this one and the previous term used interchangeably by this one is purely technical. An easy way of telling if some particular shapewear for tummy control product is going to be easy to wear is to look for a redress rating on the tag. A lot of best shapewear manufacturers add this rating to help customers decide. Even if you don’t find the rating on the tag, you might be able to find the nylon content on it. Nylon is the material that provides rigidity so the higher it is, the less flexible that item will be.

The formula is not as simple as a 50/50 golden proportion. Depending on the type of shapewear you end up buying, you will need to look for different proportions. For beginners, the best way to do so is by actually wearing each type of shapewear in different combinations. This would allow them to figure out what is the best fit for their specific body. Once you have figured out the right proportion, you should be able to buy the right item for yourself. While there may not be a golden universal proportion, there certainly is one for each of us.

To Sum It Up

Shapewear is an incredible piece of innovation in clothing and it is a great way of shaping our bodies. Everyone deserves to enjoy a boost in confidence. And if there is anything that can make you feel uplifted about your body without an effort, it is shapewear! You can go out and win at life without anyone ever knowing what your secret is. Of course, that is because it actually is a secret underneath your clothing that no one can see.

The information provided here will be a great guiding help when you go to buy shapewear now. keep these things in mind and you will not have any problem finding the best shapewear for yourself! It may have been a challenge but now you are fully equipped to shop for the right product every single time. It is time for you to go out while rocking a stunning body now!

Final Thoughts…

Shapewear has revolutionized both fashion and clothing in general. You can find a lot of other types of shapewear as well and each of them has its own function and utility. Exploring all these options and finding a good quality suit is what you should aim for. Achieve that confidence you have been wanting to feel in yourself with shapewear. Believe us when we say it, this thing works!