Everything to Know about Maternity Shapewear

Maternity shapewear is somewhat controversial; many women swear by it while there are some who don’t really recommend it. Shapewear is often taken as restricting and too tight, which many people believe is not really comfortable when you have a big baby bump.

If you think about it, Spanx is actually a great material to wear during pregnancy. Maternity shapewear UK has been designed to be worn by women while they are pregnant. It gives your body extra support in your pregnancy and overall makes sure that you are comfortable at all times.

These clothing items have been specially designed to the shape of your body and actually leave room for the baby as well. There is a running debate if maternity shapewear is good for you and if it is advisable to wear these clothing items while you are pregnant.

If you are curious about maternity shapewear as well then read on.

Maternity Shapewear – What Is It?

Maternity shapewear has been designed for women who are further along in their pregnancy and like to wear shapewear under their clothes. While women can continue to wear their regular shapewear in early pregnancy without harming the baby, it becomes impossible to wear these clothes as women enter their second trimester.

As the baby continues to grow inside the mother’s belly, it needs extra space to grow and be healthy. The shapewear made especially for pregnant women is designed to stretch along your body and without harming the baby. It doesn’t hide the bump, but it makes the expecting mothers more comfortable and happier as they can fit in clothes much better.

Shapewear is actually really good for women who are much further along in their pregnancy as it cradles the baby bump much better and gives support to the lower back of the mother. Most shapewear made for pregnant women are made from soft, light and yielding mesh fabric that grows with the bump so that women don’t have to keep changing the shapewear as their tummy grows.

The Good and Bad about Maternity Shapewear

Let’s start by weighing the pros and cons of body shapers for expecting mothers.

  • Doctors agree that wearing body shapers that put light to medium compression on the body is safe for the baby, regardless of what trimester the mother is in. However, doctors also advise not to wear too tight clothing even if you are not pregnant as it is not good for the blood flow in the body.
  • Wearing too-tight shapewear can be exceptionally uncomfortable even if you aren’t pregnant. It can cause heartburn, reduce blood flow and digestive issues. It is always advised to wear body shapers that aren’t too tight because they are supposed to make you feel comfortable and not restricted.
  • Many doctors advise maternity shapewear to women who are closer to giving birth as it helps with improving the posture, reducing back pain and takes the pressure off of the lower back.
  • Women actually feel more positive about themselves as they can fit into more clothes without having to struggle too much.
  • As the body of a woman changes a lot in pregnancy, they often have to correct their clothes. There is an unexplainable bunching of clothes that become invisible or manageable with shapewear that has been designed specifically for pregnant women.

Plus, women look great regardless of where they go and what they wear.

Most Popular Maternity Shapewear

There are lots of options to choose from and pregnant women enjoy finding the best clothes to fill their closets as they wait for their baby to arrive. The following are the most popular types of maternity shapewear UK:

Support Belts:

Maternity belts offer comfort and support to mothers during their daily activities. It reduces any soreness that comes with abdominal wall expansion in the last few weeks of the pregnancy. It is recommended by the gynecologists and obstetricians to wear maternity support belts for shorter periods of time so that pregnant women don’t become dependent on the belt.

The maternity belt also helps in relieving muscular, joint and back pain associated with pregnancy. It offers support to the pelvic area during physical activities and improves the overall posture as well. It stabilizes the balance of the women and makes sure they don’t have much pressure on their lower back.

Maternity Leggings:

Even though they may sound like an unnecessary attempt at capitalization, maternity leggings are exceptionally helpful. The leggings made from SRC garment are especially good for the women who experience pelvic girdle pain, vulvar varicosities and lower back pain.

The Future of Maternity Shapewear

While many women believe that they will find no use for their maternity clothes and shapewear after they give birth, the shapewear for pregnant women can actually be worn postpartum as well. It is a good idea to keep wearing your shapewear after you give birth as it will support and contour your silhouette.

It is excellent to be used during your postpartum recovery as maternity shapewear such as the belly-band can help in returning your uterus back to its normal size, enhance the healing process, and relieve the swelling. As most shapewear, shapewear for pregnant women is adjustable; you can easily make adjustments to the garment and make it fit your body.

Of course, remember that you must use the shapewear in moderation and not overdo it. It is true for any kind of shapewear and not just for the ones made specifically for pregnant women. It is best to wear the shapewear for a couple of hours and then take it off.

Make sure you discuss the types and styles of shapewear for pregnant women with your doctor as they are the best person to advise you on which type of shapewear is better for you. Your doctor will recommend brand, styles and give you some tips that will make the whole experience even better for you. You will get an instant confidence boost when you feel comfortable and happy with your body and as we all know, a happy mother means a happy baby!