Everything you need to know about plus size shapewear

Women in the past have been observed wearing ill-shaped and outdated apparel just to cover their extra body fats. Shapewear bodysuits are here to celebrate your curves and bodies of all shapes. Shapewear adds an appealing look to your personality by making you look slimmer, confident, and perfectly shaped. Plus size shapewear is indeed a lifesaver for plus size models and the pregnant ladies. Also, it goes perfectly with close-fitting apparel and form-fitting pants.

Why plus size shapewear is the best choice?

Everyone’s body differs in terms of curves and plus size bodywear is not the one-stop solution for all body fitting problems. At first, decide which body part you want to focus on and then decide the perfect plus size shapewear for it. You have many choices of plus size shapewear, for example, layering camis, full panty brief, a compact plus size body shaper or thigh slimmer.

Some myths about plus size shapewear

Myth#1 Shapewear is for the women who want to lose weight

Today’s shapewear technology is focused on smoothening the curves. Even the actresses on the red carpet flaunt flawlessly in plus size bodysuits. The compression band completely covers your midsection and tones out your tummy.

Myth#2 Uncomfortable for all-day wear

Plus size bodywear is made from lightweight, seamless, and breathable fabric. Once you find the right fit, you can enjoy your day without feeling sweaty. The laser-cut seamless clothing material will shape on your underwear and flatten your waistlines.

Myth#3 Shapewear is supposed to be hidden

Now, females are happy posting pictures in their shapers on social media. Anything that beautifies you does not suppose to be hidden.

What factors to consider when buying a perfect plus size shapewear UK?

1. What shape do you want?

Ask yourself these questions. How do you want to look? Which part of the body you especially want to focus on? How much comfortable you want to look? How long are you going to wear that? In case if you going to wear it for the whole evening, comfortable and manageable bodysuit.

2. Choose the right size

Planning to buy shapewear from a brand, look for their chart and reviews. For different sizes, they have respective codes printed on the shapewear. Choosing a reliable and best plus size shapewear UK brand is one of the significant decision as it prevents you from scam.

3. Target the body area

It is not recommendable to wear a full figured plus size body wear as it can make you uncomfortable. It’s wise to choose body parts such as the stomach, thigh, breast, and love handles. For everybody part, you can find a specific design plus size body wear.

4. Focus on your wardrobe

Important to know the material of your wardrobe. Make sure you choose a seamless plus size bodywear that isn’t visible at all. The material quality and type of bodysuit must match your wardrobe. Nylon synthetic bodywear is ideal for the winter season as it has a low breathable rate. The cotton fabric completely goes perfectly with the summer season as it has high sweating penetration. You can wear shaper shorts with almost all dress types. High waist underwear is suitable for jeans, tights, pants, and skirts. For slimline dresses, go with body shaper panties.

Let’s look over some popular and effective plus size shapewear trending in 2020

1. Plus size firm control shapewear

This type of bodysuit offers extra firm control power with the help of mesh lining and wicking fabric. It holds your tummy firmly and prevents sagginess. The material has a high cooling rate which makes it perfect for a workout session and dance classes. It has a bottom closer so you don’t have to worry about pulling it down and up.

2. Slimming Shaper

The best slim shaper goes ideal with mini-skirts or short dresses, especially when you focus on breast and tummy. It comes with a zipper closure which makes you look slimmer and smarter. It beautifies your natural curves with open bust design.

3. Visible plus Bodysuit

Shaper demands you to show your body when compared to the concealer shapewear. It mostly comes in two forms, quarter sleeves, sleeveless, and full sleeves. The upper body part comprises of Elastic lace which beautifully holds your stomach curves. The backside is covered and up lined if in case anyone wants to make their bra invisible. The fabric is mostly nylon which is highly soft and you won’t feel itching in any way.

4. Full body plus size shapewear

The shaper covers you from shoulder to knees smoothly. It has supportive bra straps which offers light to medium coverage. It eliminates bra line and smoothens your baseline. Goes well with gym sessions by slimming down your tummy fats.

5. Shapers slider bodysuit

It is a skirt type shapewear to support your thighs and stomach. It works on the stomach slimming, smoothens the bust, and enhances the waist. You cannot see effective results in leg shaping by wearing this consistently. It is ideal for women who are working on fixing their lower body shape especially hips and thighs. You can easily wear it underpants, jeans, jumpsuits, and skirts. It comes in comfortable ranges in size from XS to XXL.  If you want to show your bottom thigh curves, it can come as the right choice.

It’s time to accept your plus size body by knowledge in the fact that a full figure body is a beautiful one. Most people think that by wearing a plus size shapewear, they might look uglier. However, plus size shapewear enhances your body and makes it look more aligned. The final verdict states that every woman should have a plus size shapewear in their closet.