A Beginner’s Guide to Buying Shapewear Pants

Are you in the market for a new pair of shapewear pants? Is this your first time buying anything from the shapewear category? It can be a little overwhelming experience, especially if you have never worn or purchased shapewear before.

While women of every shape and size look beautiful, women are a little choosy when it comes to how they look in clothes that they actually enjoy wearing. They like to smooth out every lump or bump in their body so that they have a beautiful clean canvas that they can dress up however they want.

Spanx may be a little intimidating, but if you have the right guidance, you can find the perfect shapewear for your body type on the first try. Since it is now available in a wide array of styles and fabrics, it has become increasingly difficult for women to find the best shapewear for them.

There are certain Holy Grail tips for buying shapewear, especially shapewear pants, which you need to keep in mind while you go shopping. Here are some tips that will help you out as you seek out the best shapewear pants perfect for your body type.

Never Size Down

When you are shopping for any kind of shapewear, you never size down or size up. You stick to your size, especially when it comes to shapewear pants. Many women size down because they believe they will get extra firmness, but that is a major no-no. You are buying shapewear because you want to be comfortable and don’t have any unwanted lumps and bulges under your dress or skirt.

Sizing down will only create bulges and a deep sense of discomfort. Instead of making you look smoother and slimmer, it will make you look bigger. So always stick to your actual size and try on the pants before buying them. Walk around in them, sit down and see how comfortable you feel before buying them.

Know What You Want

Educate yourself about shapewear before you actually go out and buy it. If you want to look smoother, you need to choose a pair of pants that offer medium constriction whereas you need to go for firmer constriction if you are going for a slimmer look. The shapewear pants that have higher nylon content will alter your shape more whereas a more lightweight pair of pants will smooth out your lumps and bumps.

High-Waist Is the Way to Go

High-waist shapewear pants not only make your legs and thighs look smoother but also your torso. Such pants will smooth you out all the way up to your torso and give you a slimmer waist. There are some pants that can go as high as up to your bra and then there are some that stay up to your stomach. You need to try and see which of these is most comfortable for you as your comfort always comes first.

Tights Are a Good Candidate

Wearing normal tights over shapewear pants can be a bit of a disaster. From the tights shifting too much, showing the seams or extra fabric around the thighs, there is a world of problems that can arise if you aren’t careful about that. Look for pants in the shapewear section that have compression zones in the areas that will cover your rear, thighs, and your tummy while also offering a seamless finish that looks classy from every angle.

Shapewear for Your Rear

Shapewear is often guilty of erasing your butt completely and most women are not happy with that. However, there is shapewear that not only soothes you out but also contours your butt to make it look good. There are shapewear shorts and pants available in the market that will shape your butt, give it a lift while flattening your love handles and stomach at the same time.

Material Matters!

Some people naturally run cold while some run hot, some women are allergic to certain kinds of materials while some just don’t like a particular fabric. However, you don’t have to worry too much as there are multiple kinds of fabrics available in shapewear.

You will have the option to choose from the typical spandex or nylon materials for the winter season and lighter, more breathable materials for the summer. Such shapewear mostly has cotton in its composition as it has moisture absorption and odor control properties.

What More Should You Know About Shapewear Pants?

There is a lot more to shapewear pants than meets the eye and the more you know the better prepared you will be to buy your own. Here is what else you need to know about shapewear bottoms before you buy one:

  • You should purchase the pants according to your body shape. Ask the attendants around if you are not sure that you are apple-shaped, pear-shaped, or have an hourglass figure. They will also help you find the best pants according to your needs.
  • Picking the right color of your shapewear is also very important. The shapewear is usually available in black or nude, but there are some brands that also offer an ivory tone or burgundy tone.
  • Some pants will make your waist look tinier and more cinched in, so if that is the look you are going for, do ask the attendant to help you out with that.
  • Some shapewear comes with cotton gussets that make it possible for you to not wear any underwear with it. Such pants give a smoother and sleeker look to the body.

While you are shopping for your shapewear pants, don’t be afraid of asking questions and voicing your doubts. The attendants will be happy to help so don’t hesitate from compiling some questions and asking them. Getting some quality shapewear bottoms can be an investment for some people so you need to make sure you make the right decision and purchase the right pair of pants because they will last you a long, long time. Do your research before purchasing anything and you will be just fine!