Wearing Shapewear Shorts – What Does Your Doctor Say?

There used to be a whole stigma attached to shapewear, but now things have changed. The world is more accepting of it and understands it much better. Gone are the days when the women who used to wear shapewear were putting their health at risk.

With the passage of time, brands have perfected the art of body-shaper garments and now we have amazing pieces of shapewear that not only make us look great but also give us a confidence boost. Shapewear shorts, in particular, help you tone out your whole torso and hips for a slimmer and thinner look.

Shapewear can make you fit in a dress one size smaller than your usual size and that is an achievement for many women. Even men wear shapewear shorts and other types of shapewear to tone up their bodies and make themselves look good instantly.

What Did Doctors Used to Say about Shapewear Shorts?

There was a time when doctors used to frown upon the use of shapewear, but they now encourage it. Of course, they like to add their two cents in and make sure that you are using the shapewear correctly. Not so long ago, doctors used to stop people from investing in shapewear because of the older shapewear encouraged blood flow issues.

However, brands have now come up with better materials that offer the same high compression results without doing any damage to your body. In fact, the modern shapewear such as the shapewear shorts enhances your bodily functions, boosts your blood flow, and tones up your body.

What Do The Doctors Say Now?

Doctors are now more accepting of all kinds of shapewear and even encourage their bigger and heavier patients to invest in some good quality shapewear. Shapewear shorts give you confidence and enhance your self-esteem. It allows you to be yourself and give you more reasons to feel good about yourself. Thanks to its abundant benefits, why wouldn’t doctors recommend it?

However, they do have some tips to share with you. If you are in the market for a new pair of shapewear shorts or if you are thinking about buying your first shapewear, these tips will help you a lot. Keep them in your mind while you shop for quality shapewear.

Keep an Eye on Your Skin

Perhaps the worst thing that can happen to you by wearing shapewear shorts is having a skin reaction. Your skin might feel irritated because you have sensitive skin. There can be a few reasons behind it:

  • Your shorts were a size too small.
  • You wore the garment for longer than the recommended time.
  • You have very sensitive skin.
  • You have an allergic reaction with the material of the garment.

While having an allergic reaction to the garment is very rare, it does happen to some people with very sensitive skin. Look for signs of itchy or red skin. If you see either of the two, take a break from wearing the shapewear shorts for some time.

If your shorts were a size too small, get a larger size, and notice the difference immediately. Wash the garment frequently or as per how often you wear it because that can also be the reason why you got a reaction on your skin.

Check for the Size

Another thing that the doctors recommend is the size of your body-shaper shorts. If you get the right size, you will never have to worry about anything and carry on with looking incredible. However, if you don’t size it right, you can in a world of trouble.

You should never wear too tight clothes and not just body-shapers. If the garment is too tight around your body, there can be some issues. If the shapewear is too tight around the hips, it can hinder the blood flow to your legs.

If you feel any kind of discomfort, take the shapewear off and try a larger size. When you wear the shorts, look at your body and see if it is forming any bumps or lumps. If it does and leaves marks behind, it is too tight.

Think Carefully Before Buying New Shapewear Shorts

You are the best judge of your body so listen to it carefully. Don’t wear the shapewear shorts for a long period of time and irritate your skin. If you want to wear shapewear and it makes you feel good, you should, but take the help of someone else if you don’t know what you are doing.

There are many types of shapewear shorts, some will make your derriere look good and while some will tone your hips and thighs. There are shorts that will also make your waist look smaller and slimmer. If you don’t want high compression or if you don’t want a thicker material, you always have the option to go for shorts that give medium compression and are made from lighter materials.

The thicker materials of shapewear are great for colder months while the shapewear made from lighter materials are perfect for spring and summer seasons. To make sure your body-shaping garment lasts a long time, take care of it like advised by the brand.

If you want to wash them in a washing machine, make sure you set the machine on a gentle cycle, use a gentle detergent, use cold water and put the shapewear inside a mesh bag before throwing it in the machine. Never tumble dry your shapewear shorts as that can ruin the shape and slimming properties of the shorts.

Always let your shapewear air dry so that it retains its shape and its elasticity. Don’t hang them up for a long period of time as it can disrupt the form of the shorts and destroy its elasticity. When the shorts are dry, you should lay them on a flat surface and store them like that.

Never fold them up as it can cause its elasticity to break and lose its shape. You want your shapewear shorts to last a long time so make sure you follow the above-mentioned tips at all times.