Shapewear 101 – Taking Care of Your Shapewear Tights

Shapewear is taking over the minds of women all over the world. Thanks to their compression properties, shapewear is a great way to smooth your shape out and give you a sleeker look. Women of all shapes and sizes are always on the lookout for that perfect shapewear that will make them look good in their dresses and pantsuits alike.

Even men are exploring the vast world of shapewear and aren’t afraid of experimenting to find the best one for them. Shapewear tights seem to be a crowd favorite and are in fact one of the most wanted shapewear items in the market at the time.

It doesn’t matter if they are high compression or offer medium compression, everyone deserves to have one in their wardrobe. Thanks to a wide variety of sizes, colors, and styles available in body-shaping tights, both women and men prefer to wear them underneath their clothes for slimmer and toned legs.

However, just having the shapewear tights in your wardrobe is not enough. You need to take care of your shapewear if you want them to last long. Shapewear isn’t really cheap and for some people, it is a much-appreciated investment.

It is exceptionally important for you to wisely care for your shapewear. It is a delicate garment that needs your attention at all times. If you are a proud owner of shapewear tights and you want to make sure your tights last a long time, then here are some tips that will help you take care of them.

Washing Your Tights Is a Serious Business

Most people are scared of washing their shapewear. They think it will shrink, make them loose, and somehow destroy the delicate fabric. However, if do it right, you will not have to worry about it at all. The key to washing your shapewear tights resides in balance.

Contrary to popular belief, you actually need to wash your shapewear frequently so that it maintains its shape and offers you the same compression and smoothness that you like. The material will remain stretched out if you don’t wash it and the results will never be the same.

Here is how you should wash your shapewear tights:

  • You must wash every shapewear piece after you wear it. Ideally, you should wash the tights after every wear, but you should not delay washing after three wears. If you don’t want to wash your shapewear that often, you can always wear undergarments underneath the shapewear.
  • Never wash your body shaping tights in the washing machine. You must always wash your shapewear by hand and if you don’t want to do that, place them in a protector or a lingerie bag so that the soap and the water does not damage it.
  • To avoid tears and snags, make sure that your washing machine is set on a gentle cycle. Always use cold water to wash your shapewear to get the best results.
  • Never overload the bag in which you are placing your shapewear. These items need to move freely inside the bag so that they are cleaned properly.
  • Never use hot water, hard detergents or chlorine bleach as these can severely destroy the elasticity of the shapewear.
  • The shapewear that has underwire or has gel-padding should never be washed in a washing machine. These items must be washed by hand as washing machines can destroy the delicate build of these items.
  • The underwire can jut out of the fabric and tear it. As for the gel-padding, the gel fillers can either leak out of the tights or become punctured.
  • While you are hand washing these items, make sure you use warm water and a mild shampoo. Never wring or twist the garment unnecessarily.

Drying Your Shapewear Tights

Anyone who has ever used delicate fabrics in their life would know you never tumble dry them. The same is true with shapewear. You must never tumble dry your shapewear tights. Any kind of excessive heat can destroy the elasticity of the garment and the latex.

Extra heat can ruin the shape of your body shaper and you will not get the same results ever again once it is ruined. Instead of exposing them to heat, you should lay them flat on a dry surface and let mother nature do its job. If it is possible, you can also hang them up.

In case you are short on time and really need your shapewear tights, you can use your dryer but make sure you put the dryer on a gentle cycle and its coolest setting. But this is something that you must only do in case of emergency and don’t make it a habit.

Storing Your Shapewear

While washing and drying play an important role in helping you maintain the longevity of your shapewear, how you store your shapewear plays an even more significant role. The best way to ensure your shapewear tights retains its shape and elasticity, you need to store your tights in a closet cabinet or an enclosed drawer.

Do not hang the shapewear for a long period of time as it can put a lot of strain on the elastic and stretch it out. If you have more than one shapewear, you must never store them together. This is because most of these garments have zippers and hooks which can easily snag and cause some irreplaceable damage. It is best to store the tights in their natural shape and not fold them up. Simply lay them inside your wardrobe in a flat position and that will do the job.

In summary, your shapewear is a delicate thing and you need to take care of it. Be gentle with your shapewear; the more you take care of it the longer it will last. Invest in some good quality mesh bags in different sizes so that you can easily wash and care for your shapewear tights. Keep these tips in your mind and make sure you follow them. Your shapewear will last longer this way and you can keep using them for a long time as well.